Adding your CPCU Debit Card to the Mobile CPCU Wallet is easy and secure.

Pay on the go using these mobile payment providers:

Your CPCU credit and debit cards are now enabled to make contactless payments using one of the above “mobile wallet” providers. Learn how to add your CPCU debit cards & learn more about how each one works by clicking or tapping one of the above.

Why use it?

It’s fast: Instead of waiting for the card reader to authorize your chip card, the wallet technology authorizes payment as fast as you can tap your phone.

It’s secure: This technology encrypts your card details into a unique one-time tokenized authorization for each individual purchase. This makes it nearly impossible for criminals to duplicate your card.

Bonus Security: You can use biometric scans, such as your fingerprint or facial recognition as another layer of security to authorize transactions.

Pay in-stores, online and within apps with ease. You should be able to use almost anywhere you see this symbol: