Our online banking is getting a new look! Please read through our FAQ’s to help you answer some questions you may have. Of course, if you have any questions not listed you can call us anytime!

What will the new site look like?

Before moving over to our new site, click the link below for the introduction and tutorial:

Why does my online banking look different?

Don’t worry, it’s still us! We made some improvements to the way you view your accounts, so that you can see all your accounts, upcoming payments, and loans all on one page! You still have secure access to all of your account history, it’s just in a new format to make it easier to access your information as well as some new features.


Will I still be able to do anything new once it’s upgraded?

Yes! Now you can remote control your card, if you think it’s been lost or stolen. You can view your upcoming Bill Payments if you use the Bill Pay feature. You can make quick transfers with fewer clicks!

How will I view my statements?

There is a dropdown menu on the left, view documents, which is where you will find all your statements.


Will my login and password be the same?

Yes! Your login and password will remain the same! You also have the ability to change your password or login ID, just use the menu on the left to navigate.


Can I use the new site now?

Yes! If you go to CPCUi there is a banner that states we have a new look and you can click the button to test it out OR permanently move to the new look right away!


When do I HAVE to move to the new site look?

The new look will be 100% implimented before the end of 2017!


Having trouble logging into the new CPCUi?

This might be happening if you bookmarked the page, try going directly from the home screen of our website.

If you still run into problems, try refreshing the page. You can always call us for assistance.