CPCUi Online Account Access

Use this no-cost, secure online account service to do almost anything you can do in person:

  • Check account, loan, or credit card balances
  • Set-up and manage E-alerts
  • Access e-statements and credit card statements
  • Apply for loans
  • View histories
  • View canceled checks
  • Third Party Transfers
  • Access online bill pay to pay bills or send money to another person
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To get started simply download the CPCUi User Agreement. Sign and return it to any branch. We will issue you a password and instructions for logging on the first time. You will then be able to log-in securely any time of the day or night

iPayPlus Online Bill Pay

CPCU offers a convenient, secure online bill pay service with Live Phone Support between 7:30am and 11:00pm. You will never need to buy a stamp or envelope again! Once you are a CPCUi user with a checking account simply complete the online process to begin using online bill pay.

  • Pay your bills online, all in one place
  • Pay your bills anywhere, anytime, even when you’re traveling
  • Track payment history and account balances in real time
  • Add the people and companies you want to pay quickly, then send payments with a simple click
  • Have the convenience to schedule payments for a future date
  • Set up email or text reminders when bills are due

CPCU online bill pay service is FREE* for all active checking account holders. To enroll, log into CPCUi and click Pay Your Bills under the Services menu.

*Monthly inactivity fee: $5. Avoid this fee by completing at least 1 transaction every 45 days.

Mobile App

Download our app to have your banking with you everywhere! Pay bills, check your balance and even freeze your card if it gets lost or stolen.


CPCUi users can now sign up to receive E-Statements online. No need to fill out a form in person!
In the E-mail Management screen you can:

  • Add or edit your e-mail addresses
  • Manage E-delivery of Statements, Credit Card Statements, and E-Alerts
  • Add or edit Security Contacts

*You can designate different e-mail addresses for each product. For example, receive E-Statement notices to one e-mail address and receive E-Credit Card Statements at a different e-mail address. 


E-Alerts Management allows you to customize your account notifications. You select the account suffix (Savings/Checking etc), E-Alert type you would like to receive, and an email where you want them sent.

E-Alert types include:

  • Advance
  • Available Balance
  • Current Balance
  • Check Number
  • Deposit
  • Loan Payment
  • Withdrawal

Comparison types include: (Example- If you choose E-Alert type “available balance” and you want an alert to tell you if your checking account balance is “Less than” $50)

  • All/Any
  • Equal to
  • Greater than
  • Less than

You may read the E-Sign agreement here.

Private Line 24 Audio Teller

For direct 24 hr access to your account call CPCU

Private Line locally at 517-371-3200

You will need your account number and pin — If you do not have a pin, please call any office during business hours

If you are using a screen reader or other auxiliary aid and are having difficulty with this site, please call 1-800-292-2728